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I’m frequently asked what software I use or recommend. Here’s some of (what I consider) the best. Of course, your milage may vary.

Productivity Software for Macintosh and PC and Android and iPhone
The following software packages are cross platform on the desktop and also work on most smartphones. These are the apps I install before anything else on a new computer or phone.

Evernote is an essential software service for me. It is a note taking and website scraping tool on steroids. Evernote offers web clippers and plugins for any browser on either Macintosh or PC computers. It also has specific apps for both iOS and Android. I use it for everything from clipping articles I want to read or keep for later, keeping notes on clients computers and networks for later reference, to sharing recipe clippings with friends and family. It has a free and a paid version. With the paid version, the service will OCR your pdf’s and other pictures for text objects and allow you to search for those words. For example, you take a picture of a meeting whiteboard and upload to Evernote. Evernote’s servers will not only store, but examine the picture for words and add them to the list of searchable terms in Evernote. Cool eh?

Dropbox is another service masquerading as a software package. Free to use, with 2GB’s of online storage included. Dropbox will synchronize data across different computers and phones. So, you have a computer at your office, and one at your home. Put a file in the dropbox folder at home, and dropbox will ensure that file is copied to your work computer. No more having to carry around a flash drive or email a file to yourself. Plus, Dropbox offers a web interface, so you can access any file from any computer that has a web browser installed. Dropbox also works with your phone. Dropbox offers additional storage for a small monthly fee. Ideal for offsite storage of important documents and files.

LastPass.com is a password management service. Once you setup an account with LastPass.com you can install add ons to any browser on a Macintosh or a Windows computer. LastPass.com syncs your passwords across all your computers with a password you create and remember. LastPass.com doesn’t keep track of your master password but uses it to encrypt all the passwords you wish to store. In addition, LastPass.com has a website you can log into to access your passwords even when you are not at your main computer. Additionally, LastPass.com can create strong passwords so you don’t end up using the same password on many sites. ( A huge security hole, and one that I’ve been guilty of in the past.) One added bonus, for $1 a month, LastPass.com offers a smartphone application.

Antivirus Software for Windows

Microsoft Security Essentials is free and effective.

Malwarebytes can be an effective cleaner if you do get a virus or malware that wasn’t stopped by Microsoft Security Essentials.

Essential Software for iPhone and iPad

Besides the software listed above that works on desktops, phones and iPads, there are a number of Apps that I use regularly on my iPad.

Reeder for iPad is the App I use more than any other app on my iPad. This essential RSS reader works perfectly with Google Reader to keep me up to date with the myriad of websites that I track on a daily basis. And, if you are still going to multiple websites on a daily basis to read the newest articles and posts, then you need to learn how to use RSS.

PDF Expert (professional) is not only a PDF reader for your iPad, it’s also an editor. Need to annotate a document? Need to initial or sign a document? PDF Expert (professional) is the tool to use.

Logmein Ignition provides the iPad interface for Logmein.com. Utilizing a logmein.com free account and the $30 Logmein Ignition application you can now access your home or business computer from anywhere you have internet access on your iPad. Surprisingly intuitive, Logmein Ignition has become the perfect support tool for my customers. But, it also gives you access to any computer, Mac or PC. So, now you can bring those PC only applications with you on the road. Without having to lug around a heavy laptop. Just remote back into your computer at the office and display it on your iPad.